Krypto Labs Drone X Challenge 2020 Phase III $1 Million Final Prize Apply, Abu Dhabi.

Krypto Labs, the global innovation hub with a unique ecosystem for funding groundbreaking startups, is announcing Drone X Challenge (DXC); a US$1.5+ Million global challenge (US$1 Million Final Prize and US$500,000+ in R&D Grants) that is pushing the frontiers of R&D and innovation in drone technologies.

Images Courtesy Krypto Labs

Image courtesy Small Enterprise mag/ Krypto Lab

Who can apply ?

Entrepreneurs, start-ups, R&Ds, university students and companies are welcome. The winner should offer an innovative, inventive, or disruptive product/service, which is agile, original, and has scalable commercial applications.

Drone X Challenge has two categories:
• Fixed Wing Drones
• Multi-Rotors Drones

Points will be awarded based on the technical and commercial capabilities of the drones meeting or exceeding the Drone X Challenge requirements. Bonus points will be accredited to innovative commercial applications demonstrating:
• Advanced Control Systems
• State-of-the-Art Avionics
• Swift Maneuverability
• Scalability
• Fault Tolerance
• Autonomous Navigation

Application Link

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