American XTI hybrid electric TriFan 600 eVTOL extends investment offer on StartEngine crowdfunding.

The XTI is a hybrid electric aircraft that has three ducted fans. It takes off vertically and rotates it’s fans horizontally in order to facilitate forward flight and has been in development since 2012. According to EvtolNews XTI CEO Robert LaBelle explained, “Our offering on the StartEngine platform has provided and continues to provide a rare opportunity for unaccredited and accredited investors around the world to own a piece of the future of flight. . . . We appreciate the strong continued support from investors as well as StartEngine for making this possible.” It has Capacity: Pilot + 5 passengers
Max Cruise Speed: ~300 knots (345 miles per hour)
Max Cruise Altitude: 29,000 feet (above predominant weather)
Range: ~1,200 nautical miles
Vertical Lift: 3 ducted fans
Propulsion: Hybrid Electric Drive
Flight Controls: Fly-by-wire
Time to Max Altitude: ~ 11 minutes

Images and Quote XTI Aircraft/ TransportUP /eVTOL news

Xti aircraft

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