Wingtra Drone announces it’s newest payload: MicaSense Altum

The amazing swiss leader of Global Aerial mapping Wingtra, just added MicaSense Altum to it’s payload which is useful for monitoring plant water stress. This payload allows you to capture high-resolution multispectral (down to 4.3 cm/ 1.7 in/px) and thermal (down to 69 cm or 27 in/px) imagery. Combining this payload with WingtraOne’s broad coverage capabilities, agronomists can now experience the highest accuracy multispectral data and a per-flight drone coverage range that aligns with their needs. Micasense Altum has been on the market for two years and has evolved based on user feedback. It holds its place at the forefront of multispectral drone data capture technology in its range. This latest firmware release (March 2020) opens new possibilities for Altum users, including the possibility of data capture from fast-moving, fixed-wing drones.

Images and Quote courtesy wingtra

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