Australian Swoop Aero Operates Drone fleet in Malawi while outside the country to help Health workers fight CoronaVirus.

Swoop Aero took a leading role in global health transformation. It became the first drone logistics company globally to operate a fleet of aircraft from outside the country of operation by deploying it’s capability in order to support the Malawian national government’s health system as they commence their response to the pandemic. They were backed by the College of Medicine  and the Malawian Department of Civil Aviation, their ground operations teams, staffed by local Malawians that have been trained over the last few months, made this possible. There were no members of the Australian flight operations team present, as they have all returned to Australia to comply with the government’s strict travel restrictions. The goal of this remotely piloted operation is to support the government’s COVID-19 response following reports of an acceleration of reported cases across the country. It means that our local Malawian ground operations teams are not losing their jobs at a difficult time for the economy.

Images and Quote courtesy SwoopAero

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