Avy looking for a Drone technician based in Netherlands.

As a drone technician at Avy, you will build drones and drone-related products. You will join a small team that assembles our products. This is not a simple job, this is not endless repetition. This requires you to be diligent, to be precise, and to maintain the highest possible standards of quality. This job is for you if.

  • You have a good understanding of drones
  • You enjoy the challenge of being part of a new production line, where you hack your way through problems and take initiative
  • You know what quality and reliability is
  • You work precise and thorough

Job Requirements

  • Proven experience in technical work
  • Professional or hobby experience with drone technology is a big plus
  • Able to work with 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC-milling, etc.
  • Excellent at soldering, crimping and other electrical work

Apply at https://avy.homerun.co/drone-technician/en

Image and Quote courtesy Avy

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