North Africa, John Fardoulis is using Drones to detect landmines left over in Chad.

Chad, Humanity & Inclusion has begun testing drones to detect landmines and build a detailed picture of what’s on the ground—a revolution in mine clearance. HI Project Manager Xavier Depreytere explains more. “Our first tests took place in January in the desert south of Faya, an area heavily contaminated by explosives leftover from the conflict with Libya in the 1980s.

Image John Fardoulis

Images and Quotes courtesy Humanity and Inclusion

The drones can scan areas in record time: 750 acres in two hours, which represents a huge time-saving for mine detection teams. Equipped with a camera, the drone gives a detailed picture of what’s on the ground, along with a set of data such as GPS coordinates. During the initial tests, the drone took a photo of the terrain every two meters. When assembled, the photos provide a highly detailed map.

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