Wingcopter demonstrates leadership by Raising funds for the island of Vanuatu after Cyclone.

Wingcopter Press: As you might or might not know the beautiful Pacific island nation of Vanuatu has been hit by a category 5 cyclone on Tuesday, April 7th. “Harold” has been one of the strongest recorded storms to ever make landfall on Vanuatu . From what we know so far, not much has been spared by Harold, especially on the northern islands of Vanuatu.

Cyclone Harold damage on the Vanuatu island of Santo. Photo: VBTC /RNZ

What our connection to Vanuatu is
In 2019, a Wingcopter team spent almost half a year on Pentecost, one of the islands that suffered most. On Pentecost, we did a project together with UNICEF and on behalf of the local Ministry of Health, delivering cooled children’s vaccines to hard to reach places with our Wingcopter drones. Please watch this short video of the project to get an impression of what we did and of how people live there.

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