UAV Navigation Integrates Sagetech Avionic’s Transponders For Sense And Avoidance

UAV Navigation and Sagetech Avionics, Inc. have recently collaborated for the integration of the MX family of transponders with the flight control solution. With that, this model has become entirely compatible with VECTOR, UAV Navigation’s flagship autopilot. UAV Navigation is fully aware of the sheer need to address one of the biggest challenges in the industry, which is the coexistence of numerous manned and unmanned platforms.

One of the technological challenges faced by companies involved in the aerospace sector is the coordinated, efficient and safe operation of all these vehicles under the air traffic regulations. Therefore, the first logical step should be an improvement in the identification of every aircraft in flight, which will allow to locate and to be located by surrounding aircraft or by the ATC. This is what is commonly known as UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management).

UAV Navigation’s autopilots, with more than 60,000 flight hours have shown their capability to perform long-range operations, under extreme conditions or in dead-reckoning environments, even if the communication with the GCS is lost during the operation.

Images and quotes courtesy UAV navigation