Airobotics offers resources in supporting the Houston region mitigate spread of Corona Virus.

Leading aerial data and automated drones startup, Airobotics, is offering its services in support of safe remote operations to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus in the Houston-region and enable continuous operations of critical businesses.

By serving as a valuable resource for remote real-time sensing, Airobotics automated system provides professionals in critical infrastructure sectors, including the oil & gas and emergency services sectors, with an effective tool for safe remote operations such as live aerial broadcasting. Airobotics’ fully automated system can make work safer by separating man from machine, and providing real-time, aerial data to assist critical infrastructure professionals.

“We plan to do everything in our power to help Houston and neighboring regions,” said Ran Krauss, Airobotics’ CEO and Co-Founder. “Airobotics is committed to supporting the Houston region’s critical infrastructure and emergency services, during this time of crisis. We have shifted our resources to enhance safe remote operations and support first responders if needed.”

Images and quotes courtesy Airobotics

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