Intelligent energy partners with robotic skies to meet fuel cell demand.

Image uas weekly

Loughborough, UK – 5 May 2020, Intelligent Energy, the UK fuel cell engineering business, announced today it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with US-based UAV maintenance, repair, and overhaul services provider, Robotic Skies. The partnership enables Intelligent Energy to expand post-sale support for its industry-leading Fuel Cell Power Modules.

Intelligent Energy’s Fuel Cell Power Modules are the lightest and most power dense available on the market, offering many advantages for commercial UAV users. In particular, they are offer a solution to the current issue of endurance for companies offering parcel delivery and inspection services. Intelligent Energy fuel cells achieve three times the flight duration compared to batteries and their lightweight design means they can lift larger UAVs and carry heavier payloads.

Image and quotes courtesy intelligent energy/ Uasweekly

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