Diehl Aviation enters UAM market through Volocopter contract on Flight Control Computers (FCC).

Diehl Aerospace, a unit of the leading aerospace supplier Diehl Aviation, has signed a contract with Volocopter for the development and production of Flight Control Computers (FCC). Volocopter is the manufacturer of the first fully electric air taxi in certification to safely and quietly transport passengers within cities. Under this agreement, Diehl Aerospace will supply the FCCs including the primary and backup control computers for Volocopter’s “eVTOL” (electrical vertical take-off and landing) aircraft named VoloCity, currently under development.

The contract with Volocopter marks the entry of Diehl Aviation into the market segment of urban air mobility (UAM). While the company has firmly established itself as leading supplier of cabin interiors and aircraft systems to manufacturers of commercial aircraft and military platforms, the UAM market has been identified as a perfect addition to its portfolio.

Images and quotes courtesy Diehl Aviation

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