Delair receives first official European Union authorization for BVLOS drone operations with the UX11 UAS

The EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) has implemented the first union-wide regulations for drone operations, including for BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight) flights. Thanks to the unique features of the Delair UX11 UAS, in particular the real-time transmission of images and a segregated Flight System Architecture, Delair is one of the first companies to receive the EU BVLOS certification, which enables the company to strengthen its capability to assist its customers and partners in carrying out their European drone operations in a simple and future-safe manner.

Drones provide an efficient means of collecting aerial imagery

Delair enables companies, across many industry verticals, to benefit from imagery data, including orthophotos, multispectral data, LiDAR point-clouds or even real-time video, in order to achieve precise surveying data and valuable insights into the state of their enterprise assets (learn more about drone applications here:

Mines & AggregatesInfrastructure & UtilitiesAgriculture & ForestryConstructionOil & GasSecurity & Defense). One of the most efficient ways of collecting aerial imagery is by use of drones, but operating drones involves first getting the authorization to fly.

Images and quotes courtesy Delair

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