CIRC announced first 5G Drone solution in Taiwan.

Taiwan officially entered the new generation of 5G from July 1st 2020. CIRC(Coretronic Intelligent Robotics Corp.) has announced that it has successfully demonstrated first operation of its autonomous drones over 5G network of Chunghwa Telecom(CHT). CHT is the largest mobile operator in Taiwan, which officially launch of its 5G services including 4K and VR from 30th June, 2020.

CIRC has collaborated with CHT to apply CIRC’s solutions to Chunghwa Telecom’s commercial 5G network. Two parties worked together to demonstrate remote drone inspection and real-time transmission of 4K. Live broadcast of ultra-high-definition video shows the application value of 5G air terminal.

Images and quotes courtesy Coretronic Intelligent Robotics Corp.) 

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