Microsoft grows partnership with PX4 community.

Microsoft blog Paul Stubbs

Microsoft is excited about our participation in the PX4 Summit hosted by Dronecode Foundation.

Last year, Microsoft announced that we were joining Dronecode as a Gold Member and we have since been investing in mutual collaboration efforts to help the drone industry accelerate.

Drones are rapidly becoming a critical tool for businesses and first responders. Drones perform inspection across structures like wind turbines, buildings, farms and factories. Drones also impact the way industries move goods, such as e-commerce purchases, organs and medical supplies, as well as the delivery of packages and cargo to people in both urban and depopulated areas.

PX4, the largest commercially adopted open-source flight control stack, enables all these scenarios, bringing innovation and the power of developing autonomous drone solutions by a vibrant community. Dronecode helps nurture the open-source communities, guides project governance and provides infrastructure and critical services to mass adoption as part of the nonprofit Linux Foundation.

At the upcoming PX4 Summit, Microsoft will talk about the role of autonomous systems and simulations in the drones space and about the possibility to design, develop and run simulations at scale using Microsoft Azure. We will also demonstrate how to build an inspection drone solution using PX4, QGroundControl, ROS2 and AirSim.


Images and quotes courtesy microsoft

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