U.S. Embassy Sponsoring Drone Hackathon Zambia by BongoHive and Global Air Drone Academy.

BongoHive press LUSAKA – The Zambia Drone Hackathon Competition, powered by BongoHive and the Global Air Drone Academy (GADA), seeks to nurture creativity and hone entrepreneurial skills among Zambia-based early-stage technology youth entrepreneurs.  During this five-day virtual bootcamp, 30 qualified participants will have the opportunity to learn from experienced drone professionals at GADA, a U.S. Federal Aviation Administration-licensed drone services company based in Maryland, USA. This comprehensive workshop will teach budding entrepreneurs how to relate this new technology to real-world practical solutions, how to safely operate and fly a drone, and the best ways to market their startup in 2020 and beyond.

At the end of day five, individuals will have an opportunity to pitch their business plans to a panel of judges, who will then pick a first, second, and third place winner.

To supplement and support the objectives of Drone Hackathon Zambia, a symposium will be planned to broaden the dialogue with the drone industry and stakeholder community.  Due to the current limits on large gatherings, this in-person event will be scheduled at a later date.

Registration is now open for Drone Hackathon Zambia.  Applications will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. CAT on August 6, 2020.  For more information and to apply, visit www.gadacademy.org/zambiadroneweek.

About Bongo Hive: BongoHive is Zambia’s first technology and innovation hub.  Established in 2011, BongoHive has evolved to assist scalable startups of any background by enhancing skills, accelerating growth, strengthening networks, increasing collaboration, providing a forum for ideas exchange and reducing the barriers to entrepreneurship.

Kindly email Mareta Lindunda mareta@bongohive.co.zm for all press inquiries.

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