Drone Fund invests CivDrone.

DRONE FUND announces that DRONE FUND II (Official name; Chiba Dojo Drone Fund II
Investment Limited Partnership), managed by Kotaro Chiba and Soki Ohmae in Tokyo, Japan, has invested in CivDrone ltd. (hereinafter CivDrone), led by Tom Yeshurun and Liav Muler of TelAviv, Israel.

Image CivDrone

CivDrone is developing unmanned systems with marking capabilities for the construction industry. With their impressive systems and technology, CivDrone is achieving 5X the output vs
traditional surveying crews by mounting their robotic mechanism to unmanned systems alongside precise navigation software. CivDrone is focusing on civil engineering projects that require hundreds to thousands of markings every day. CivDrone’s first product is a drone that physically drills stakes into the ground (even asphalt) with 1-2 cm accuracy, using survey grade GPS technology, and is currently developing a new system that will work in tandem with the staking drone and provide even more value to customers.

By automating the marking process, construction companies will complete projects sooner
with higher productivity rates, better quality, less on-site accidents, as well as significantly
reduced downtime.
Currently, CivDrone’s “one-stop shop” for autonomous land-surveying unmanned systems is gaining traction with customers in the United States, Europe, Japan, and we anticipate further expansion and growth in Asia. For more information on CivDrone’s solutions, please see the interview with Co-Founder and CEO, Tom Yeshurun.
DRONE FUND will continue to accelerate investment in technologies and solutions that can contribute to streamlining the work of drones in order to realize a Drone and Air mobility-based Society.

DRONE FUND’s first fund was established by Kotaro Chiba and Soki Ohmae in June 2017 as
a venture capital specializing in drone-related startups. Today, both funds have invested in more than 40 startups in total around the world to further realize the Drone and Air Mobility-based

Images and quotes courtesy Drone Fund/ CivDrone

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