Uk, Machete suspects arrested in Dudley thanks to Drone technology.

Image west midlands police

Stourbridge News press TWO teenage machete suspects were arrested in Dudley thanks to state-of-the-art drone technology. Police have celebrated the help of the devices, which have helped in the arrest of almost 100 crime suspects since being launched last October.

The eye-in-the-sky tech has helped gather intelligence on illegal street racers and cannabis factories, along with helping find a host of missing people.

A drone pilot helped in the arrest of two teenagers in Dudley last month after police received reports of them armed with machetes in the Greens area.

One of the suspects, a 16-year-old boy was arrested when police arrived at Beech Green on June 13, but another suspect ran off by jumping over garden fences.

A drone spotted the 19-year-old trying to lie low on a school rooftop and the pilot guided a police dog to the location where he was detained.

Images and quotes courtesy By Stourbridge News/Danielle Poole/ West Midlands Police

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