Avy receives €1.4million in subsidy grant from EU horizon 2020.

Amsterdam – 20 July 2020 – EIC Accelerator’s ‘champions-league’ grant application was awarded to Amsterdam based company, Avy in July 2020. With the call of the European Commission for proposals that contribute to the fight against the corona crisis, Avy has a desire for change and future-proof innovation. Avy contributes to the increasing demand for care in the long and short term. This long-distance drone is a solution for urgent medical transport between healthcare facilities and supports emergency services with camera images in case of incidents. The granted subsidy of 1.4 million euros will enable Avy to expand its experience and expertise in Europe.

Patrique Zaman, CEO and founder of Avy:

“We are a ‘Drones for good’ organisation. This means that we use our technology for life-saving applications. Think about medication transport or, supporting the fire brigade and the police. Together with the Medical Drone Service consortium, we have been investigating how drones can be used for the transport of blood, medicines and diagnostic samples from care locations to hospitals and laboratories since 2019. We do this together with ANWB Medical Air Assistance and PostNL, medical partners Erasmus MC and Sanquin and various technology partners. It’s time to use our expertise and experience to make a contribution to the logistical challenge of centralised care within Europe.”


For emergency medical deliveries Avy has developed an aircraft that combines a drone and an airplane. The long-range drone has the flexibility of a drone and the efficiency of an airplane. With the increasing demand for healthcare, reducing the reaction time between notification and medical delivery is becoming increasingly important. Avy’s goal is to ensure medical care in a changing world and to prove that drones can contribute to bringing care in the right place at the right time. Not only in the Netherlands, and Europe but also in emerging markets such as Africa where Avy is also active.


Horizon 2020 is the European Commission’s programme to stimulate European research and innovation. The EIC Accelerator focuses mainly on innovative scale-ups with international growth ambitions, that have the plan to scale up and bring a new product, process or service to the European market. With this instrument, innovative companies can receive subsidies and optionally apply for equity. Avy’s project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 960995.


Avy is a ‘drones for good’ company. Avy pioneers in innovative aircraft technology for a transition towards sustainable aviation and with a focus on life-saving missions and applications. Avy builds fixed-wing drones; a combination of a drone and an airplane that takes off and lands vertically, transitions to forward flight thus enabling beyond visual line of sight delivery. Avy drones are used for good applications such as medical deliveries and first response operations. Avy is winner of the Blue Tulip Awards – Mobility 2020.

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