US based Drone deploy opening office in Sydney ,Australia.

FarmOnline national _ Vernon Graham_ US-based drone software platform developer, DroneDeploy, is spreading its wings into Australia by opening an office in Sydney.COVID-19 has boosted the uptake of drones with a range of industries including agriculture looking to find more human-free ways of doing jobs.

Image drone deploy

They can also reduce farm accidents by replacing humans and vehicles to do jobs like farm inspections and even mustering.

DroneDeploy founders Mike Winn, Nick Pilkington and Jono Millin / image courtesy TechCrunch

DroneDeploy says it’s now mapped more than 60 million hectares worldwide including 20 million ha in the past eight months.

Adam Savage will lead the team serving Australia and surrounding Pacific region. He previously had leadership roles for NewVoiceMedia and CloudSense.

DroneDeploy’s global customers come from industries ranging from construction to energy to agriculture and beyond.

DroneDeploy CEO ad co-founder, Mike Winn, said the company planned to rapidly expand its team in Sydney and across the region in the coming year.


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