Canadian startup Flash forest using Drones to plant one billion trees by 2028.

RepublicWorld_ Suchitra Karthikeyan: In a major green initiative, a team of Canadian science and engineering graduates have recently taken up to plant a billion trees using drones by 2028, as per international reports. The company named ‘Flash forest’ uses drones to plant trees at a 10% higher rate than manual reforestation, according to its official website. The activity also costs 20% of traditional planting techniques using drones to reportedly achieve new levels of accuracy, precision, and speed.

Image flash forest

Explaining the need for rapid reforestation, the company points out that only 10 years are available for the human race to reverse climate change as per the International Panel on Climate Change. Highlighting an average tree’s ability to absorb  40 lbs of C02 per year, the company claims that 34 billion tons of carbon dioxide was released by humans in 2018. The company claims that using drones they can plant 2000 trees per hectare by identifying the suitable areas and mapping them aerially.

Images and quotes courtesy RepublicWorld_ Suchitra Karthikeyan/Flash forest

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