Zipline delivers over 50,020 vital medical supplies in Rwanda, Ghana and America.

As the only drone delivery company operating at national scale in multiple countries, Zipline brings a unique combination of industry-leading technology and expertise to meet your large-scale delivery needs.

Part Fulfillment Center, Part Droneport

Zipline operates from distribution centers placed at the center of each region of service. Part medical warehouse, part drone airport, each distribution center can make hundreds of deliveries each day to any point within a 22,500+ square kilometer (8,750+ square mile) service area. Create a national delivery network with a series of distribution centers.

The Delivery Experience

Zipline works with our clients to design a delivery experience that meets their needs. Where valuable, Zipline provides third-party logistics (3PL) services, holding our customers’ products in our warehouse to minimize the lead time between order and delivery for end recipients. In these instances, Zipline employs highly trained staff, including licensed pharmacists, to pick and pack orders on our clients’ behalf. Zipline also cross-docks packages that are prepared by our clients in instances like home prescription delivery where it is more efficient to fill patient specific prescriptions centrally.

Images and quotes courtesy Zipline

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