NorthWales police Drone used to locate injured woman in Wepre Woods.

Source The Leader/ Matt Warner: POLICE have released a video showing how a drone was used to locate an injured person near Ewloe Castle.

North Wales Police shared the drone footage of the rescue that took place in Wepre Woods.

Sharing the video, the North Wales Police Drone Unit said: “One of our Drones was used last week to assist mountain rescue in locating an injured person in a wooded area.

Watch video🖥️ on

“The drone was able to cover a large area in a short period of time, with the footage from the drone we were able to guide mountain rescue directly to the injured person.

North Wales Police tweeted: “Great team work by our Drone Unit and Mountain Rescue colleagues.”

North East Wales Search and Rescue Team were called to Wepre Woods on Monday, August 10, to help with a woman with an injured ankle.

The casualty was carried across the field to wait for an ambulance.

A North Wales Police spokesperson said: “The incident was in the grounds of Ewloe Castle/ Wepre woods on 10th August.

“We were called by colleagues at Welsh Ambulance to help locate someone they needed to treat.”

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