AirMap UTM Powers IN-FLIGHT Data’s Canadian BVLOS Flights

IN-FLIGHT Data, Canada’s leading drone services provider, has been granted a year-long BVLOS waiver by Transport Canada to conduct public safety missions and monitor wildfire activity—and they’re using AirMap UTM services to do it.

Under the waiver, IN-FLIGHT Data is permitted to conduct BVLOS flights in public safety-designated airspace anywhere in Canada. They can fly anytime of day or date, above and below 400 feet. AirMap supplies the contextual airspace information, including airspace geometries, relevant rules and restrictions, and live air traffic movements and weather conditions, that allows IN-FLIGHT Data’s operators to conduct safe BVLOS operators.

“Since May of 2018 we’ve used AirMap for every mission we fly,” said Chris Healy, IN-FLIGHT Data’s President. “AirMap gives us the situational awareness and confidence to make safe decisions when we fly beyond line-of-sight.”

“BVLOS capabilities can help public safety authorities respond to wildfires and other natural disasters—but they need high quality airspace information in order to conduct safe operations,” added Andre de Vertieul, AirMap’s Vice President of Field Engineering. “We’re proud to supply the UTM services that enable IN-FLIGHT Data’s BVLOS flights.”

IN-FLIGHT Data’s BVLOS missions are primarily focused on wildfire monitoring and mitigation. Wildfires caused billions of dollars in damage in Canada over the last ten years, and it can be challenging for public safety officials to deploy limited firefighting resources across vast, unpopulated areas.

“Drone technology is critical to fighting wildfires in an efficient, cost effective way,” Healy added. “We’re excited to lower the cost of fire management by introducing a new, automated system of air traffic management to an industry that’s traditionally combatted wildfires with manned aviation.”

To learn more about how AirMap enables safe and scalable unmanned aviation globally, visit

IN-FLIGHT Data is a three-time GUINNESS WORLD RECORD® holder for urban/rural commercial BVLOS drone flight, delivers AUVSI Xcellence (2018) Internationally Award-Nominated RPAS Elite Training, is a Transport Canada Registered Education Provider and Transport Canada Certified Flight Review Examiner.

Since 2014, IN-FLIGHT Data has been delivering timely, high quality spatial data acquisition that our partners and customers have trusted to make important business and mission-critical decisions.

UAV data gathering is a safe, efficient, cost-effective solution to gathering data for organizations, employers and businesses who need high quality data and analysis about critical business assets, operations or records.

IN-FLIGHT Data has a proven track record of safe UAV operations with zero safety incidents over work sites that are routinely measured in sections. We work on projects using compliant aircraft and field-tested procedures to ensure the highest quality aerial work anywhere in Canada, for some of Canada’s largest and most respected companies, organizations and government agencies.

About AirMap
AirMap is the leading digital airspace and automation company serving the drone economy. Airspace authorities and enterprises rely on the AirMap platform to safely operate drones in low altitude airspace and deliver critical business insights. AirMap offers best-in-class mission planning, flight and capture, and dataflow automation solutions to enterprises and third-party solution providers, who can connect their applications to AirMap’s open developer platform. AirMap’s UTM and U-space products are deployed in the Czech Republic, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, the United States, and available in over 30 countries. The company serves a global community of over 300,000 operators and 3,000 registered developers. AirMap is committed to advancing Urban Air Mobility (UAM) through ongoing standards development work, global research initiatives, and industry collaboration. Learn more at

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