The Juice Productions presents unique Cobra X drone system.

SOURCE Charlotte Coates / Blooloop : The Juice Productions, a leading media attractions specialist, has revealed the Cobra X drone, supporting the next generation of soaring films for flying theatres and dome cinemas.

The Juice Productions is proud to announce the launch of Cobra X. This unique new drone system provides a cost-effective solution to produce soaring films, allowing for high-quality remote aerial cinematography without the need for expensive helicopters.

The Cobra X has an unrivalled field of view, meaning that it can capture angles greater than180º. It also flies and has the feel of a gimbal-mounted helicopter.

The Cobra X

The innovative drone solution features a customer-designed flight angle, which allows users to take both straight shots and dramatic sweeping turns. In addition to this, Cobra X can reach top speeds of 70 – 80 miles per hour and can fly up to four miles.

Pauline Quayle, Director of the Juice, says: “We are so thrilled to be working with this advanced technology

alongside our highly talented creative team. This enables us to provide out of the box creativity with state-of-the-art technology, what is there not to be excited about? We are looking to bring flying theatre content to the price point of more people”

The Juice is an award-winning media company that works with clients across the globe, specialising in the production and distribution of films and media. It has delivered content to theme parks, visitor attractions, FECS, museums, heritage sites and more.

The company provides a range of services including design and storyboard, CGI animation, live capture, remote aerial cinematography, virtual reality, projection mapping and software development.

The Juice’s library includes films such as the 4D virtual reality adventure, DinoTrek. This takes audiences back in time to the Jurassic period, where they are immersed in the world of the dinosaurs, encountering the Stegosaurus, the Tyrannosaurus Rex and more.

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