Ohio Drone, LLC conducts first underground tunnel inspection of an active railway.

CINCINNATI, OH, 09/11/2020 – At Ohio Drone we are driven to innovate so when we were presented with the challenge of performing an inspection on a 3100 ft long underground railway tunnel and a 1200 ft long curved underground railway tunnel without interrupting service on the lines carrying coal critical to fuel the northeastern region in the dead of winter 2020 we gladly took on the mission.

Our team came together to design an advanced drone capable of withstanding falling debris, impact from falls, and operations in otherwise in-hospitable conditions all without having to require any significant on-site damage repair and parts replacement.

Adojam’s CEO Mike Scott says:

“We couldn’t have completed the mission without Ohio Drone.”

The mission was a success, with our team deployed during the worst of the winter conditions we accomplished over 300 flights across both tunnels. With our LiDAR & GPR partner Adojam and Ohio Drone propriety analyzation software we were able to identify water retention, cracking, and missing structure to aid in repair planning. Our service was a cost savings of $650,000 compared to the traditional process whereby an equipped rail car is dragged through the tunnel over the course of 1 full day (often taking damage) requiring a full shut down of the line that comes with a potential additional $400,000 downstream loss.

Ohio Drone’s CEO Rob Charvat says:

“This mission was one of the most exciting contracts we’ve been on – truly groundbreaking – and that’s right where we like to be.”

Watch Video 🖥️

Ohio Drone is looking to expand this specialty service offering nationwide as part of its suite of critical infrastructure inspection operations.

For more information contact tracey.hoff@ohiodronellc.com or call 440-915-5269

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