Sunbirds Drone used Solar energy to power its engine for two hours covering 100km.

As the drone flew over the sea it was followed by a boat to make sure it was flying safely.

The SB4 Phoenix is a Solar-Powered Drone capable to fly an entire day to scale-up your mapping and surveillance operations. Compatible with Micasense, FLIR and Sony cameras, this Drone is the ideal tool when large areas are involved.

Image © Sunbirds

Easy to deploy and to transport

With a weight of 4.5kg, the SB4 Phoenix is extremely simple to deploy and to transport. It’s the only drone capable of being so enduring and lightweight at the same time. Disassemble its 3 parts wing, pack the whole system in our custom transport bag, and you’ll be able to take it anywhere !

Image © Sunbirds

images and Quotes courtesy SunBirds / UAV Day

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