Nigerian Drone startup Airsmat receives $100,000 funding from UK venture capital firm Zetogon.

SOURCE Venture Burn: Airsmat was founded with the aim of using drones to provide modern solutions to fast-growing industries in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

The startup aims to encourage the use of drones in various industries. Drone technology has the abiltiy to assist and positively change the way in which companies conduct their business. 

In a statement reported on African Business communities , Adeoluwa Ibikunle, the chief technoogy officer of Airsmat, explains that the investement will assist the startup in upscaling their business model. 

Innovative solutions for farmers

Ibikunle further explained that they aim to begin with creating food security within Africa through their AI-based platform. This platform will allow small farmers to have more control over their harvested crop and their other farming activities.

According to reports, the platform will be able to provide the latest and most accurate information for small farmers. This insightful data includes levels of productivity and crop yields. 

The Airsmat platform will prove crucial to small farming activities in Nigeria as farmers will be able to use this information to make better-informed decisions regarding their farmland.

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