Aveiro, in Portugal chosen by European Flyers drone pilots to transport medical supplies.

Image © European Flyers

SOURCE Extra crew : Aveiro, in Portugal, has been the chosen setting to carry out these operations between hospitals. In addition to the Spanish school European Flyers , the Swiss RigiTech and the Portuguese EVA and Altice Labs have participated in them.

The operational complexity of manned flights over large cities has been solved with the simplicity of drones. The project has had the collaboration of several European companies. The objective is to simplify urgent deliveries of medical supplies between two points in the city.

European Flyers pilots have controlled RigiTech drones, an autonomous air logistics company. RigiTech is transforming the industry with its solutions for delivery of goods between cities. They also had the collaboration of the EVA landing stations and Altice Labs as a technological partner.

This experience shows how the delivery of goods will evolve in the coming years. It will be common to see drones flying through the skies of our cities as a courier service.

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