Dendra Systems a UK-based company is using Drones for Ecosystem restoration :Land

SOURCE Wingtra Around the world, large areas of land measuring together around 60,000 km2 (23,000 mi2) are used for mining. While we rely on the fuel and minerals from mines, we’ve now seen that we need the land in its forested state to absorb carbon and support biodiversity. In fact, many mines operate under regulations mandating restoration of degraded ecosystems at the end of their operations.

Dendra Systems is a UK-based company that specializes in providing ecosystem restoration services to mining companies based on an overall mission to bring back natural and biodiverse ecosystems.

“What we’re very focused on is biodiversity, which is quite complex,” said Adam Filby, Dendra’s Vice President of Sales. “If you want to restore an environment and bring back all the native flora and fauna, nature can do this successfully on its own. But we live in a world where there’s a lot of human intervention, and nature needs a helping hand. We provide tools that accelerate nature’s ability to heal itself.”

Representing a unique marriage of ecologists and technologists, Dendra uses drones to support eco restoration of land on a large scale and partnering with WingtraOne takes the operations of a project to a whole new level. 

“Capturing high-quality data and doing this in a repeatable and sustainable manner is key to our services. With Wingtra we get the consistent and reliable performance we need to ensure faultless delivery at all times.”

Andy Boroughs
Operations Development Manager and UAV pilot, Dendra 

Dendra uses high-resolution multispectral data for area classification.
A look at how the data is used in the erosion monitoring dashboard for a project.
The high-quality detail in this RGB data enables Dendra to identify rills, which are paths cut in the soil by concentrated water flow. If these rills are not managed, they can become gullies, i.e., larger water passages that carry water away from the flora that need it.

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