Australia, Jamin Fleming’s business OzTech Drones enjoys rainfall demand.

Image©Bundaberg Now/Jamin Fleming

SOURCE Queensland Country Life Jamin Fleming’s Bundaberg based business OzTech Drones has been flying high after recent rainfall saw a need for the innovative technology.

Specialising in agriculture spray drones, OzTech Drones uses the technology to assist properties wherever they can – from painting greenhouses, to minimising chemical contact.

Image© Queensland Country life

The 26-year-old has had to expand his team to meet the demand – adding two new spray drones to his fleet and hiring two staff members to help with the increased workload.

Raised on a Bucca cattle farm, Jamin said that drone technology provides farmers a more cost-effective solution to crop management, particularly in the wet weather.

“It’s too wet for people to get on the crop at the moment, and we can just fly in,” he said.

“We’ve been getting calls asking us to get there now and treat things urgently. It could be a fungus, and the wetter the conditions the faster fungus grows.

“When it’s wet, you can’t get on there with a tractor and that’s where we come in.”

“I’ve been doing something different each day.”

Mr Fleming said that drone technology stopped the spread of disease and offered a more precise solution.

“We can get within one centimetre of a problem, rather than spraying the whole crop,” he said.

“Instead of damaging crop (with a tractor) to kill weeds, our drones just go over the top and spray down.”

What started as a small business is now one of the only companies in the country to be given a swarm license – allowing more than 5 drones in the air at one time.

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