Kuwait military says those flying drones without permits will face legal action

Image © Gulf Business

SOURCE Gulf Business Kuwait officials have warned that flying remote-controlled drones in the country without permits is banned in the country.

Amateurs who fly remote-control drones and gliders cannot practice the sport without permits from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and other competent authorities, the military announced on Tuesday.

Users “must adhere to navigation safety measures to spare themselves legal action”, the official Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) reported.

Kuwait has strict regulations governing the usage of drones in the country.

A regulation introduced in 2016 stated that fines worth up to KD3,000 would be imposed on those using camera-fitted drones over private properties.

Violators could also face a jail sentence for up to three years if they are found using drones without appropriate permits.

Most GCC countries tightly regulate the usage of recreational drones.

In September, Oman also announced new rules regulating drone usage, requiring users to get permits.

Officials said violators can face fines of up to OMR600 for unsafe deployment of drones.

Meanwhile Dubai also issued a new law to regulate drone activity in the emirate last July. The law will govern the creation of ‘drone airports’ and outlines the framework for permissions surrounding all drone activities.

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