Norway, Aviant launches first Home Drone delivery service Kyte.Delivery


nrk: With eight drones and 20 employees, a Trondheim company is betting big on home delivery of medicine, food and other small packages.

The fastest home delivery for medicine for people in Byneset is four days. Now they can get it delivered much faster with new technology, says Lars Erik Matsson Fagernæs.

He is the general manager of Aviant, which is now betting heavily on people wanting corona tests, medicine and other things delivered to their homes by air transport. Eight drones ensure delivery.

They can both deliver quickly and in an environmentally friendly manner, which is important if they are to be able to compete with car or bicycle transport.

Erlend Stein with her daughters Mie Amelia (back) and Mariell Stein (front) are delivered a corona test and chocolate with the help of a drone.


The drone transport is now being tested at Byneset, where a selection of customers can already order covid tests and have them flown home.

The order is made using an app on the phone.


Customers access the app, order and pay with vipps. Shortly afterwards, the drone comes and winches the package with the corona test into their garden, says Fagernæs.

DRONE DELIVERY: A small cardboard box with goods hangs under a drone and is winched down to a recipient on the ground.


The company is still in the initial phase. But their goal is to deliver between 50 and 300 packages per day. And during the next year, people in the areas around Trondheim will be able to order both food and medicine.

Test customer believes this is the future

In a field in Byneset on Thursday, Erlend Stein was ready with the phone in his hand. Via the app, he had ordered a corona test. Not many minutes later, the drone came whizzing through the air in the snowy weather with the package.

– It is certainly something that can be relevant to use when there are more items to order in the app, so I think this could be the future, says Stein, who is one of the test customers at Byneset.

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