Sweden, Everdrone First on Scene Solutions™ extends commercial contract in Region Västra Götaland.

From left to right; Magnus Kristiansson, Region Västra Götaland – Mats Sällström, Everdrone – Patrik Andersson Segerfelt, Region Västra Götaland

The cooperation between the Region and Everdrone has gone through a number of phases.

Image credit EverDrone

Initially, Region Västra Götaland supported the project through a dedicated innovation fund, but since the summer of 2022, financing has come directly from the Region, making the cooperation even stronger.

“Our work together has been thoroughly rewarding”, says Magnus Kristiansson. “And now, we can develop the functionalities even more. System innovation, increased know-how on air space regulations … there’s always more to learn, but I’m hopeful that the AED deliveries – as well as additional benefits from drone deliveries – can be implemented on a more permanent basis as long as we keep on exploring, learning and working together.”

Mats Sällström concurs and underlines the need to keep on gathering insights and looking ahead.

“We are proud of this decision, but we are not stopping there. We are committed to expanding the capabilities of our drones and improving our services. Our current fastest delivery time is 2 minutes and 27 seconds, and we aim to improve it further by reducing flight time by up to 60 seconds in the coming year. This is just the beginning.”

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