Skyports Drone Services partners with Pyka to launch heavy payload operations.

Image credit Pyka

Skyports Drone Services and electric, autonomous aircraft manufacturer, Pyka, have agreed on a partnership for heavy payload drone logistics. The collaboration will leverage Skyports Drone Services’ extensive operational experience and Pyka’s best-in-class heavy payload aircraft to provide game-changing drone delivery services.  

The partnership will see Skyports Drone Services welcome the newly unveiled Pyka Pelican Cargo uncrewed aerial system (UAS) as the latest addition to its fleet. The large autonomous electric aircraft’s 175+ kg payload capacity and 1.85m3 cargo volume, significantly increases Skyports Drone Services’ payload capabilities and complements the existing lineup of UAS solutions currently utilised by the UK drone operator. Pyka’s Pelican Cargo will be deployed for a range of use cases and operations, including services for humanitarian aid, logistics and delivery companies, as well as healthcare and medical organisations.

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