New Zealand : SkyDrop to begin store to door Drone delivery after receiving approval from The Civil Aviation Authority.

Image credit SkyDrop

PRNewswire –RENO — SkyDrop (formerly Flirtey), announced that it has now received Part 102 approval from New Zealand’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to launch SkyDrop’s first drone hub in Huntly, New Zealand. With this groundbreaking approval, SkyDrop is now the first company approved for live store to door drone delivery in New Zealand, which includes certain beyond visual line of sight operations. This marks a major milestone for the drone delivery solutions provider in its quest to make drone delivery accessible to larger populations.

SkyDrop designs and builds drone delivery aircraft, the enabling software, and launch platforms to provide delivery solutions to customers worldwide. The recent approval enables the launch of SkyDrop’s first drone hub in Huntly, unlocking revenue-generating drone deliveries with a clear path to economic viability for SkyDrop and its customers.

The CAA granted the approval after conducting a thorough review of SkyDrop’s technology and operating procedures. Underpinning this approval is SkyDrop’s industry-leading safety technology including an onboard Parachute Recovery System which was reviewed by the CAA.

This approval follows years of extensive testing in the United States and New Zealand. SkyDrop has also received approvals from Waikato District Council following engagement with local stakeholders in Raahui Pookeka (Huntly) including the Waahi Paa, who named a SkyDrop drone Te Kaahu (The Hawk). SkyDrop drone delivery enables speedier and cheaper delivery for local communities that also reduces traffic congestion and greenhouse emissions.

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